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Let Everyone Know Youre Having A Lonely Drunken Christmas

5 ways you're accidentally making everyone hate you, Let's take a really common situation: you get so drunk one weekend that, while having back seat sex with a stranger, you start uncontrollably shitting all over your car.. How to greet someone if you're not sure if you know them, On npr’s hidden brain podcast, they share a simple way to find out if the person you’re greeting is a stranger or someone you should know.. You need an afternoon routine -, Work on the easy stuff. enter the “easy list.” there are some aspects of every job that just aren’t that difficult. you know, housekeeping, organizing.

Donald trump is impressed by hurricane harvey and he's, Trump, in predictable accordance with what has felt like decades of but is really only a few years of precedent, has mostly responded by tweeting.. Let's talk about tonight's long-awaited return of game of, So: what did you think about the episode? what didn’t you like? how do feel about arya having lunch with ed sheeran? and, most important, what you think will happen. Oh man, you're gonna hate what equifax just admitted about, Equifax, the major credit reporting agency which collected extensive financial data on hundreds of millions of americans before losing said data on 143 million of.

What was the point of marvel's secret empire?, Now that the final issue of its primary series is in stores today, we know that’s right—and how thoroughly secret empire failed..


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